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* Tier 18 Summary

Heroic Progression: 13/13
Normal Progression: 13/13
Hellfire Citadel

Tier 17 Summary

Heroic Progression: 9/10
Blackrock Foundry

Mythic Progression: 1/7
Heroic Progression: 7/7
Grown Ups is an online community for adults who share a passion for gaming.  No drama, no kids.

<Grown Ups> was founded in 2008 as a World of Warcraft guild on US-Korgath (Alliance).  We sought to create a haven for mature gamers: an environment in which we could progress through end-game content without the frustrations that frequently accompany guilds that cater to a younger population.  Four years later, we continue to thrive in WoW and we have expanded our presence to other games as well. 

As members have branched out from Azeroth, they have carried the Grown Ups mantle to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and others.  Our forums today include vibrant discussions on any number of gaming topics and we're proud to provide our friends with an online community to which they return regardless of the game they may be playing.

* Previous WoD Progression

Flamebender Ka'graz

Heroic: 02/15/2015


Heroic: 02/12/2015

Beastlord Darmac

Heroic: 02/08/2015

Hans'gar and Franzok

Heroic: 02/08/2015


Heroic: 02/08/2015

Kargath Bladefist

Mythic: 01/22/2015
Heroic: 12/07/2014

Imperator Mar'gok

Heroic: 01/21/2015

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Death Knight Open
Druid Open
Hunter Open
Mage Open
Monk Open
Paladin Closed
Priest Open
Rogue Closed
Shaman Open
Warlock Open
Warrior Open
Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.

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