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Interested in joining Grown Ups?  Visit our Recruitment Forum.

* Register!

Application Guidelines:

Your App Will Likely be Approved if...
- You give us a good idea of who YOU are. Personality is more important than achievements.
- You put an honest effort into your application.
- You come across as a team player.
- We get the impression that you're a good guy/gal that we'd want to have around.

Your App Will Likely be Rejected if...
- You type like someone that spends all day in AOL chatrooms.
- You don't answer every question.
- You answer every question with one or two words.
- You come across as an elitist or loot whore.
- We get the impression that you've filed an app with every guild on the server, and are just looking for a guild, instead of the right guild for you.
* If you do not currently play on a server on which we have a presence, please create a character on our server and allow us to invite you to the guild.  We'd prefer that you're confident in your decision to join Grown Ups before you spend real money to transfer your character.  Of course, our servers are the best if it doesn't work out. *
Apply to <Grown Ups>:

If you've made it this far, perhaps you're willing to go a little further...

Are you interested in competitive end-game content and looking to be in a guild free from irritating, basement-dwelling teenagers?
Apply for a competitive position on our roster here.

Please fill out the ENTIRE application. Applications that are not complete will not be submitted. This is a technical issue.

Please try to make your username the same as your in-game main character's name.  Also note that after you submit the form it will redirect you to the main page and not show the app as a new post for you.

Author Topic: Copy/Paste this format ONLY if you have trouble with the links above!  (Read 6590 times)

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The Management

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Please copy, paste, and complete the template below ONLY if you have trouble using the links provided above!

What is your Name? (First only):
What is your Age?
Main Character Name:
Main Character Class:
Main Character Primary Spec:
Main Character Secondary Spec:
Main Character Server:
Main Character Wow Armory Link:

Do you have any other raid ready level capped characters?

What days / times are you generally available to raid?

Please give us a general idea of your raiding history. We're interested to hear about your personal raiding achievements, such as when you first started raiding, and how far you got in each tier / expansion of raiding.

Previous Guild(s), and reason for leaving:

Are there any current members of Grown Ups we can use as character references for you?

Why did you specifically choose to apply to Grown Ups?

How would you describe an environment in vent that's conducive to raiding?

What are your feelings about PVP?

If you could only access one WOW resource to get all your info (RAWR, MMO-Champion, The Instance Podcast, homebrewed spreadsheet, etc), what would you choose, and why?

You clicked the links at the top of this post, and understand who we are, what our goals are, and generally what we're all about, right?

We expect each and every member to do the research into their class mechanics on their own. Please explain your single target / AOE rotation, for your raid role.

Describe a situation in which you might break from your normal rotation in order to provide utility to the raid (for example, a Ret Paladin might see someone high on threat and could use a Hand of Salv on them).

Any additional comments or information about yourself, you'd like to volunteer? (example, you run a WoW blog, you're an auction house terrorist, you love to RP, etc)

We have gay, handicapped, jewish, black, canadian, female, bisexual, athiest, and all other sorts of people with us. We're all good people, and awesome at our jobs. Can we count on you to be an adult, and be respectful to those different from you?

Ask us some questions. (Optional)
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Hover over the recruitment level for details:

Death Knight Open
Druid Open
Hunter Open
Mage Open
Monk Open
Paladin Open
Priest Open
Rogue Open
Shaman Open
Warlock Open
Warrior Open
Demon Hunter Open
Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.

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