Back in Business

I’ve made some updates to the Fury guide. It will take time to complete.

In other news, not only are we back to raiding ever since MoP came out, we are at 25 man strength again and loving it! It’s been a tough road to keep 25 man going, but we’re hopeful we can pull it off for a long, long time. We finished t14 with full normal clears and 7/16 heroic. Currently we’re 8/12 in Throne of Thunder.
My officers are doing a great job of raid leading and managing stuff, which helps a lot!

More updates on guild and site later.



Well, after a late start to the game (couldn’t pick it up until after Christmas), I finally completed the main quest line tonight. As it turns out, it was rather anti-climactic. I had been so intimidated by the quest-line that while at about level 25 I was tasked with finding the elder scroll, I didn’t touch the quest after that until leveling up to 48. Those 23 levels made a big difference. I started out focusing on Blacksmithing, Heavy Armor, and One-handed skill, dual wielding. In Riften I learned that sneaking around was a pretty handy skill, and started maxing that out. The sneak bonuses in conjunction with Enchanting and Blacksmithing bonuses dropped almost any enemy within seconds. I put on a fire resist neck and ring for Alduin himself, landed him with Dragonrend, popped Berserker Rage and he was dead within a few seconds.

I guess I might try to level a caster later on, but given my proclivity to make my guy as overpowered as possible, and how many other great games out there I haven’t had a chance to play yet, it’s very likely Skyrim will be getting shelved. My favorite part of the whole game was actually the Thieves Guild and Nightingale quest-line because I really enjoyed those story lines. The Blades quest-line was also pretty cool.

Overall, it was a very good experience, even if it got very easy at the end. I would definitely recommend this game, as the storyline, gameplay, and overall aesthetic areĀ intriguingĀ and well done, and will for many gamers offer a great deal of replay-value.


- Kura