Starting Heroic Progression

Tonight will be our first attempts on Jin’rokh HM. Any advice?
As the enrage is rather forgiving, we’re planning to avoid/ease most of the HM mechanics by ignoring the pools. We’ll see how it goes.
Also, thoughts on optimal kill order for HM progression?

- Kura


11/12 ToT

Well, Twin Consorts was a total pushover.
Dead in two attempts on 10 man, and on our first night of 25 man progression attempts, dead in one shot. I forgot to swap out of my arms spec from doing some PvP. Maybe I should do that more often.
Twin Consorts 25N Kill Shot


10/12 ToT

After a late start to our last raid of the week and a couple enrage wipes, on the very last pull of the night we downed Iron Qon with 30 seconds to spare on the enrage timer. Once we got the positioning in P1 sorted and lived through the tornadoes in P2, it really wasn’t that bad.

iron qon kill shot

Now on to the Twin Consorts!