Talents and Glyphs


You’ll be swapping some of these out quite often depending on the needs for certain fights.

All credit to icy-veins.com for this awesome chart!

Tier 1: Most of the time you’ll be using Juggernaut for faster mobility and a bit of extra rage generation, though if you need to swap to an add to CC it, Warbringer is a good option. If you need quick swaps between an add that will die fast, then back to the boss, Double Time is the way to go.

Tier 2: I go with Impending Victory almost all the time. It’s very rare in a PvE setting that you’ll be hovering below 30% for a very long time, and Enraged Regen is simply too long of a cooldown to be reliable when needed. Impending Victory is amazing for fights with adds if you get the killing blow, and can be glyphed for a bigger heal after a kill.

Tier 3: If there’s anything to interrupt, Disrupting Shout is amazing (Horridon, Council of Elders). If you need to slow a bunch of adds, (Tortos) grab Piercing Howl. Very rarely will you find a use for Staggering Shout in a PvE setting.

Tier 4: Dragon Roar is strongest for single target. Bladestorm can be great burst on adds that spawn routinely. I tend to roll with Bladestorm on Tortos for killing bats, but almost every other fight I use Dragon Roar.

Tier 5: Safeguard is a nice way to help a raid member avoid incoming spell damage or small melee hits, but Safeguarding a tank will probably get you killed. The same applies to Vigilance, but on a 2 minute cooldown and considering you’ll actually take extra damage, Vigilance is not effective in many situations.

Tier 6: Bloodbath all the way. Amazing synergy with Colossus Smash and Dragon Roar.


There isn’t much in terms for options for Fury

Unending Rage – pool rage for CS. I always use this one.
Raging Wind – AoE
Death from Above – mobility
Rude Interruption – interrupt fights
Victory Rush – healing after you kill adds
Colossus Smash – if no one in your raid provides the Sunder Armor debuff
Bull Rush – extra rage from charge if none of the others are useful.

Intimidating Shout – if you use fear as a CC and don’t want the adds running all over the place.
Otherwise pick what you think is cool.


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