Min/Maxing Stats

For all your gemming and reforging needs, I cannot praise AskMrRobot enough. It’s a very useful tool for regemming and reforging, as well as figuring out upgrades and BiS gear lists.

Stats (in order of importance)

Strength > Hit to special cap > Expertise to cap > Crit > Mastery >>> Hit >>> Haste

Strength: Grants 2 attack power and is modified by stat increasing buffs. You’ll get lots of this from gear, which is why item level often becomes a greater indicator of how good an upgrade is than itemization.

Hit: The hit cap for Fury is 7.5% or 2550 rating for special attacks against a raid boss. The hard cap is not worth trying to get, but if you should pass the hit cap a little bit even with reforging, you will be fine. Hit is essential to cause damage and generate rage for our other attacks.

Expertise: The expertise cap is 7.5% or 2550 rating against a raid boss. There are exceptions for some races using certain weapons, but blizzard added a nice tool-tip to the UI which lets you track how much hit and expertise you actually need.


As you can see, I am not completely expertise capped because doing so with my current gear would mean putting me over cap and sacrificing critical strike, so being a little bit under cap is sometimes OK.

Critical Strike: Many of our abilities interact favorably with Critical Strike (Raging Blow, Flurry, Enrage) which makes crit our best secondary stat once Hit and Expertise are capped.

Mastery: After crit, mastery is our best stat because it makes the enraged state even more powerful. If you are hit/exp capped and you cannot reforge an item for crit, reforge into mastery.

Haste: The benefit to haste is faster auto-attacks and more rage generation, but lags significantly behind other secondary stats. Despite getting a buff in 5.2 to make it more competitive, haste is still our lowest priority stat. You’ll never reforge into this.


With MoP secondary stats on gems now grant twice the bonus as a primary stat, which for Fury warriors means that we’ll almost always gem for pure critical strike, though depending on a good socket bonus, it might be worth picking up.

Meta: Capacitive Primal Diamond (legendary quest line) / Reverberating Primal Diamond

Red: Inscribed – 80 str / 160 crit
Yellow: Smooth – 320 crit
Blue: Piercing – 160 hit / 160 crit

Item Enhancements by slot:

Shoulder: Greater Tiger Fang Inscription
Cloak: Superior Critical Strike
Chest: Glorious Stats
Wrist: Exceptional Strength
Hands: Super Strength
Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs: Angerhide Leg Armor
Feet: Pandaren’s Step
Weapon: Dancing Steel


2 thoughts on “Min/Maxing Stats

  1. I had a question about your 8.5% Hit and Expertise. I am getting on live that 7.5% is the cap with a rating of 2550. Thank you for coming back, I used your warrior blog since I came across it back in Cata.

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