In this section you will learn more about proper usage of all the abilities in Fury’s arsenal, including how to manage your Colossus Smash (CS) debuff, cooldowns, trinkets, as well as fight-specific advice and talent/glyph suggestions. If you are unfamiliar with Fury’s abilities, please check out the ability overview, before reading this page.

With the release of 5.0, Blizzard finally made the 6 second Colossus Smash debuff last long enough to encompass 4 global cooldowns, as was the original design intent. What this means is that the debuff is applied just a little bit after your colossus smash hits, so that it does not wear off before your 4th ability following CS.
A MoP raid boss has approximately 35% physical damage mitigation from armor, which means that if you were hitting a naked mob, and your attack crit for 100k, the raid boss would take 65k. CS lets your attacks bypass that armor, and deal the full damage. A mitigated 65k hit becomes an unmitigated 100k hit, which is effectively a damage increase of approximately 50%. (100k/65k = 1.538). This means you want to pile as many of your hard hitting attacks into this 6 second window as you can, so that they deal all that extra damage. There are a couple different ways to make this happen.

1. Dragon Roar first.
Some warriors like to macro Bloodbath (BB) to Dragon Roar (DR), to ensure that your hard hitting, and armor-ignoring Dragon Roar hits for an extra 30% free damage as a bleed. If you have any On-use trinkets, you would also macro them to Dragon Roar. Dragon Roar would be the last ability in the macro. Here’s what it looks like”

Not GCD: Skull Ban – Reck – HS – HS – HS – HS
GCD: BT – filler/ragebuild – DR macro – BT – CS – RB – BT – RB – RB.

This allows you to take maximum advantage of BT by using it on cooldown, and it ensures that you have bloodbath up during your colossus smash window, so that each of your specials during this window benefits from Bloodbath’s bonus damage.
You would also combine this with Recklessness and Skull banner. You want to use Skull Banner before DR, and Recklessness after DR, since DR will be a guaranteed crit. You can macro them for the sake of convenience, however. Your Skull Banner will expire before the last Raging Blow, but it is better to get the extra crit damage on a guaranteed DR, than only a possible crit on RB.
Ideally, you will go into this with either 1 stack of Raging Blow to use, or the first BT might crit, giving you 1 stack, and the second (used during recklessness, thus almost guaranteed to crit based on your stats) would give you a second, or CS will crit and give you a second stack. You are then free to use Raging Blow, followed by BT (which will crit b/c of recklessness again) leaving you 2 stacks of RB to fit in – maximizing your hardest hitting abilities within 6 seconds.
During this time, you will also want to get as many Heroic Strikes in as possible. HS is not on the gcd, but it does have an internal CD of 1.5 seconds, so you could only fit 4 of them in during CS. At a rage cost of 30, you will consume 120 rage, meaning you want to pool a lot before using CS, though you do not want to cap out. You will also need 30 rage for your three RBs. This is made much easier by using the Unending Rage glyph, which raises your Rage cap to 120. Looking at the above series, you would generate anywhere from 10-30 rage from CS and BT during the actually CS window, as well as auto-attacks, meaning that 90 rage will in most cases mean you have enough to unload the most damage possible. This also ensures that your entire CS window fits during your bloodbath, recklessness, and skull banner uptime. On the pull, combine this with a pre-pull potion for an extra 4000 strength.

2. Dragon Roar last.

This is my own variation, but I know i am not the only person to follow this particular order.
Bloodbath has a 60 second CD. DR has a 60 second CD. Colossus has a 20 second CD. They overlap quite nicely. My goal is still to fit 3x RB in during the CS window, as well as up to 4 HS, but I cannot use HS if it means I do not have enough rage for RB. In any case, here is what I do:
I macro bloodbath to colossus smash, as well as any on-use trinkets (I have none currently), my synapse springs from engineering, and I have a weak aura set to track a bunch of different conditions so I know when to use DR. You can find that and the logic beind it in the WeakAuras section, when I update it.
Here’s the same window as above:

Not GCD: SB/Reck- HS – HS – HS – HS
GCD: BT – CS macro – RB – BT – RB – RB – BT – DR

One crucial difference is that I am only using 2 abilities that can proc an enrage before I need to use my first RB, so I typically will need to have 1 stack of RB before I start this series. In any case, I will use my CS macro after BT, and I need one of those two attacks to crit in order for this to work. There is about a 30% chance that will not happen, in which case I will use berserker rage to force it. I can easily ensure that is up on the pull, and for the rest of the fight it’s relatively easy to ensure that you keep a stack of Raging Blow available.
While this method requires tighter RB stack management up front, there are benefits:
I find it easier to keep track of BB and DR this way, but that’s only a matter of preference. The big one is that all of my RBs and my DR benefit from Skull Banner, which is a slight bonus compared to method 1. I happen to be using the Ji-Kun trinket, at the moment, which gives a stacking strength bonus for 20 seconds. Typically it will proc on the pull, and a few seconds later I start my CS series, meaning that if I use DR at the beginning, I get very little benefit from that trinket proc. DR might crit for 450k or so with 1-2 stacks of the trinket. But, if I wait until the end of my CS window, my trinket proc will be giving me 12000+ strength. I have seen consistent DR crits of 739k without any additional damage increasing mechanics or buffs from other classes. That in turn is increased by an extra 30% bloodbath damage.
I’m not saying that those numbers are the greatest in the world or anything, but for me, it is easier to manage this way, and I get more damage on top of it.

Outside the CS window, do not worry if things are a little slow. This is the calm before the storm. Your job while waiting on CS is to nurse your RB stacks to make sure you have at least 1 going into your next CS. If you get 2 stacks, feel free to use one on a free global, but make sure you are using BT > RB if at 2 stacks > WS proc (do not clip your BT cooldown) > HS > WS (unprocced). You want to pool rage and RB stacks, without capping. HS and WS do very comparable damage, so either one works as a rage dump. I tend to prefer HS because I can use it independently of my other abilities, making it less likely I cap by accident waiting for a chance to use WS.

As much as possible, you want to stack your cooldowns as Fury. With the tier 15 4 piece bonus it will probably be better to chain Skull Banner and Recklessness on consecutive CS windows since Skull Banner does everything Recklessness does–either one is enough to guarantee a BT crit, ensuring you have enough RB stacks, so the benefit of stacking them is not as great.

Any time you are hitting two or more targets Whirlwind will come into play. Because of the interaction through Meat Cleaver, you’ll want to use Whirlwind (WW) to make RB hit as many targets as are avilable. However, you still want to use BT on cooldown, and you do not want to waste RB stacks if you’re already at 2, so it looks like this:

BT > RB if at 2 stacks > WW. If you are fighting a boss with a bunch of adds, still maintain your CS burst window on the boss as much as possible (i.e. Tortos).

For anything from 2-6 targets, this should be the highest damage. If you only have 2 targets, only use WW to get 1 stack of Meat Cleaver for your RB to hit both. HS is still your rage dump here, though with 3 or more targets, you’ll probably not have extra rage beyond what you use with whirlwind.
With a huge number of adds BT and WW spam might edge ahead.


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