Hard Mode Morchok Down


We are doing hard mode progression. The world is a better place today because Morchok and his slightly slower twin Kohcrom are dead. It feels good to be back in the hard mode game after several weeks of struggling to fill rosters during holidays and the start of a new semester, not to mention the release of some other pretty captivating games.

Three weeks ago we took 16 passes at him all said and done, quite a few of them insta-wipes adjusting to the change in positioning from splitting the raid. We hadn’t been back since then, when last night we mounted a big offensive and on our 14th pass of the night, after a grueling 0.3% wipe to the enrage timer, and another sub 5% wipe later on, we were able to stay alive, and while our rogues struggled at times with stomp timing (thank you, inaccurate DBM timers), managed to pull it out with rets and ferals popping CDs and soaking the double stomp damage. I even got the old weapon swap shield macro out on one attempt, which made me feel really pro (even though we ended up wiping that pass).

A word of warning, though. For any dps, when they split, Kohcrom does not¬†inherint Morchok’s threat table, and if you tank has a bad streak of misses you might get one-shot (unless you wear plate, like me, in which case you get two-shot), so even in this age when threat is largely a non-issue, it cost us a couple people on this one, so just keep an eye on your Omen. For my fellow warriors, taking a few ticks of black blood of the earth on the way out or coming back in is not a raid killer. The initial ticks are weak, and so long as your healers aren’t hurting for mana you can take 10-15k dmg easily in order to maintain LttS and Rend up-time. Rallying Cry can be a raid-saver in execute range.

- Kura